NOTE: If you would like to generate a cryptographically safe address, please use the paperwallet site. Brainwallets generated with a passphrase are valid, as long as you understand the risks. The "Transactions" tab can be used for spending directly from a paperwallet or brainwallet (or any private key). The "Sign" and "Verify" tabs can be used to sign and verify messages using any private key.


Instructions for use:

  • Copy your private key into the "Private Key" field.
  • You will be prompted to query the block explorer to find any spendable inputs for the address. A note, spendable inputs must have at least one confirmation to be available (you may need to wait a few minutes for spendable inputs to be available in the block explorer).
  • If any spendable inputs are found, a generic transaction is assembled to send the funds to a single address with a miners fee included.
  • Edit the "Destination Address" to where you would like to send the funds. Note that ALL funds must be spent in the transaction. Any funds unaccounted for will be spent as a miners fee. Note: Sending to a P2SH (multisig) address is currently not supported.
  • Make any other changes you wish, such as adding another destination address, sending change back to your address (by adding it as a destination address), or edit the miners fee as you see fit. It is highly recommended to include at least a 0.0001 UNO miners fee.
  • Click on "Send Transaction" to attempt to push the raw transaction onto the network. If successful, a transaction id will be presented.

Sign Message
Verify Message